Fermentation Demos

Gluten Free Sourdough Crepes


Join Us From 11am-12pm for a FREE Demo on GLUTEN FREE Sourdough Crepes with Flavio of Urban Peasants! Ever Want to Learn The Fine Art Of Sourdough Bread Making From a Local Master Baker? This is Your Chance! Don't Miss It-

Urban Peasants- Sourdough, Gluten-Free, Fresh milled. After baking sourdough bread together for years, my wife discovered she had to start a gluten-free diet to overcome significant health issues--so we simply stopped baking. After five years of eating mediocre commercial GF bread, we set out to create a sourdough bread that everyone could eat. With gluten-free grains like teff, buckwheat, and sorghum--fresh-milled and organic whenever possible--the result is fantastic sourdough bread and pizza. Period. 

Because we believe everyone should enjoy the best-tasting bread possible. It's the simple thing

Arc of Fermentation Presented by Kirsten Shockey & Meredith Leigh


From 12pm Noon-2:30, An exploration of the means by which fermentation has been harnessed to preserve and transform a diverse array of foods from the ones we know and love to the cutting edge flavors. Authors Kirsten Shockey (Fermented Vegetables and Miso, Tempeh, Natto) and Meredith Leigh (The Ethical Meat Handbook and Pure Charcuterie) will take you through an info-packed journey of the microbes—from bacteria to fungus—the magic they do, and how to harness their powers in your own kitchen. Followed by a book signing! Join us at 12pm-3pm

Natural Cider and Dry Fruit Wines



Join The Experts From Botanist & Barrel from 3pm -4pm for a FREE Demo on Cider Making!

Ferment that fruit: Ugly fruit deserves love too! 

Botanist and Barrel believes fermentation doesn’t have to be complicated and is better with little to no manipulation.

Learn how to make wine or cider with almost any and every fruit. Lyndon Smith, cellar-man and owner of Botanist & Barrel, will lead a fast-paced demonstration about fermenting at home. The demo will focus on the big do’s and don’ts, highlighting the natural fermentation process. The demo should give you the confidence and basics, so when you get home to ferment you wont get stuck wondering what to do next!

Raw Cacao & Vegan Cheese


Join Us From 4pm-5pm for a FREE Demo on Raw Cacao and Fermented Vegan Cheese from Brynda Becthold of MannaPlannet!  Reishi Cacao Elixir & Vegan Cheeze

     Did you realize that cacao (chocolate) is fermented?  Raw cacao beans are not roasted and therefore will retain more of the phytochemicals known to enhance our well being than roasted chocolate. Combined with reishi mushroom tea, coconut cream, hazelnut essence and more, this luscious beverage is to be highly esteemed!  

This will be followed by the preparation of a non-dairy cultured "cheeze" made primarily of nuts.  Both recipes are vegan, mostly raw organic, gluten free and sampling will be available.  

       Small donations for cost of ingredients will be appreciated but optional and color recipe booklets will be for sale at the Mannaplanet raw cacao treats booth.

     Brynda Bechtold has been a self appointed researcher of all things health and food for over 47 years.  She owned a small health food store in low country SC in the 70's and has been an artist all her life.

She has been married to Bill for 40 years, they have 2 adult children and live in Alexander, NC having arrived in Asheville 38 years ago. She offers classes, raw cacao events and operates Mannaplanet, a raw cacao treat business. Find her healthy treats at West Village Market and The Block off Biltmore.



In Booth Demos


FUR-menting For Animals!

Join Noel Thurner for FREE Ongoing In Booth Demos on Fermenting for Animals. 

How does one get beneficial bacteria into your pet’s gut? Easy: fermented vegetables—in an application we’ll call FUR-ments. I have created a new way to craft FUR-ments using the scraps of food one would either discard or compost. This is the ultimate in up-cycling food from your preferably organic and locally grown vegetables. This not only keeps these ‘wastes’ out of the landfill, but provides a nutrient-dense and fiber-rich fermented ‘vitamin pack' for one’s pets. My booth will be an ongoing demonstration of the age old technique of fermenting but with our beloved dogs' and cats' gut health in mind.

JUN With Shanti Elixers

Shanti will be facilitating an interactive workshop where she will be leading an in depth discussion and demonstration on the ancient art of Jun brewing. Jun is a sparkling probiotic green tea made with raw honey that has a light, smooth, and unique flavor profile. She will be sharing her secrets for making high-vibe, fermented honey-based elixirs for body, mind and spirit. 

Inspired by the honeybees, we small batch brew a sparkling probiotic green tea called Jun using local raw honey and unique flavor combinations. We strive to combine the wisdom of ancient traditions with as many locally sourced foods as possible.