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Dig Local


With the ever growing number of chains, franchises and big box stores that can make places feel like Anywhere, USA, it can be challenging to find the unique things that make a city like no other. That’s where Dig Local comes in. Dig Local ONLY features LOCAL, no franchises. That means no more wading through the sea of sameness to find local gems. Dig Local makes it easy to avoid cookie-cutter encounters and find authenticity.

Want to know the latest Scoop on what's happening and where? Want to stay in the know about specials and deals? Want to discover the places and experiences that make up Asheville's unique culture? It's as easy as downloading the free Dig Local App or visiting Dig Local© and Find AuthenticityTM.

Beacon of Hope Services


Serving Madison County, NC Residents

The Beacon of Hope serves Madison County residents by providing food, emergency assistance, low-cost thrift store and advocacy to those in need.

The Beacon of Hope Services is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization offering food and emergency financial assistance to low income families and individuals in Madison County by providing:

A direct hunger relief service providing nutritious food and teaching to prepare residents to eat nutritiously

Emergency assistance for clothing, food and referrals

Referrals to community partners for housing and other services

Health Screenings

A low-cost Thrift Store for clothing, furniture, household essentials, haircuts

Advocacy to influence anti-hunger and poverty policy

Fermenti. LLC



Fermenti. Provides Living Probiotic Rich Fermented Foods  Hand-Crafted In Madison County, NC! We Are Focused On Culturing Our Community  Through Charitable Events, Preserving Our Heritage By Educational Outreach  And Supporting Food Resiliency. We Have Just Created Fermenti. Mountain Farm To Start Growing Our Own Produce, Cut Costs And To Create Jobs While Sourcing Locally. We Are The Proud Fermenting Ambassadors For Sow True Seed And Look Forward To Again, Sponsoring The 2nd Annual WNC Fermenting Festival This FALL! 



How does one get beneficial bacteria into your pet’s gut? Easy: fermented vegetables—in an application we’ll call FUR-ments. I have created a new way to craft FUR-ments using the scraps of food one would either discard or compost. This is the ultimate in up-cycling food from your preferably organic and locally grown vegetables. This not only keeps these ‘wastes’ out of the landfill, but provides a nutrient-dense and fiber-rich fermented ‘vitamin pack' for one’s pets. My booth will be an ongoing demonstration of the age old technique of fermenting but with our beloved dogs' and cats' gut health in mind.

Sister of Mother Earth


Sister of Mother Earth sprouted to existence a decade ago in an aspiring community herbalist’s kitchen. Unique fire cider blends are made with local and foraged ingredients to create ultimate immune boosting concoctions.  Herbal infused honeys, wild medicine and food are crafted with support from like-minded farmers and growers from the mountains of Western North Carolina.  Reintroducing folk remedies and native wild foods to the communities in the area is the core of Sister of Mother Earth’s mission and dream.

Sweet Brine'd


Sweet Brine’d Fermented Foods partners with local farmers to provide the freshest and most nutritious inputs for our products. We are devoted to quality, believing that every bit of care we devote to a batch is felt and tasted by our customers! We produce sauerkraut, kimchis, hot sauce, and other seasonal ferments.



“The Buchi Mama’s” met through our kid’s homeschool co-op 9 years ago, we couldn’t yet imagine how our friendship, fermentation and the business which resulted would transform our lives.  It started as a simple idea: brew and share kombucha with our community.  We were born at the farmer’s market and grew up at a shared community kitchen in the mountains outside Asheville, NC.  At the time, only 1 national brand of kombucha was on the shelf and people were thirsting for something that tasted more like home. 

       Buchi isn’t only 2 moms anymore --  along the way we’ve gathered a talented tribe of workers and growing a community who thirst for life and believe business can be a force for good in the world.  Through grassroots support and the rapidly expanding capacity of good ideas to spread, we are now the largest kombucha brewer on the East Coast, and we now offer Kefir Soda and Shrub Soda addition to our family of kombucha.

        This is the story of a kombucha brewery founded in a kitchen by two moms --  but it’s also part of a much larger, more fantastical tale. One that you’ve become a part of by drinking Buchi.

Shanti Elixers


Shanti Elixirs, LLC is a company inspired by the honey bees and dedicated to nurturing the intimate connection between the health of our bodies and the well-being of our planet. Our mission is to combine the wisdom of ancient traditions with as many locally sourced foods as possible to enhance the health and well-being of all who enjoy them. We make a fermented effervescent tea with local raw honey and organic green tea that is rich in healthy acids and probiotics called Shanti-Jun.

Miso Master


Miso Master® Organic Miso is made using ancient methods perfected in Japan hundreds of years ago. Our first Miso Masters lived, studied, and worked for one year in rural Japan with one of the few remaining families still using the ancient way of miso-making.

We still use those methods today and that means hand-crafted koji (the culturing agent), and natural aging at ambient temperatures without artificial temperature control. 

The resulting miso is a delicious and versatile live, unpasteurized food, full of enzymes that aid digestions and assimilation, living lactobacillus cultures, isoflavones, and antioxidants. Certified Organic, Kosher, & Gluten-Free as well as Non-GMO Verified.

Madison County Tourism Development Authority


North Carolina Mountain Vacation and Tourism Information

This Blue Ridge gem in Western North Carolina — just 20 minutes from Asheville — is home to over 55,000 acres of National Forest providing a majestic backdrop to the world’s third oldest river—our mighty French Broad.  Our timeless tradition of musical history which is known worldwide will accompany you as you share the majesty of nature and the rural abundance of our small town heritage. Plan to visit us–one of the nineteen Madison Counties in the United States. We offer outdoor sports for all enthusiasts whether a rafting trip suits your fancy, a cycling adventure along our country roads or a good horseback ride. Better yet—experience our natural hot springs, one of only two east of the Mississippi. Come and you’ll see.  Life in Madison County is the way life should be…easy living with a song in the air.

Locally Good


Locally Good Farm is comprised of Stephanie, Patrick, Finnegan and Margot Poetter. The farm is located in Burnsville, NC, and was established in the Spring of 2015. They produce Artisanal Apple Cider Vinegar & other fruit vinegars, Herbal Cider Tonic and Elderberry Syrup. Locally Good uses local no spray fruit and herbs in season, and store-bought organic out of season. They are currently working on expanding vinegar production, teaching classes, and raising their two wonderful children. Stephanie and Patrick are transplants from Kansas City, but as soon as they visited Burnsville 4 years ago, they knew they were home!

Booda Kombucha


Booda Kombucha started in 2015 when our founder started brewing her own kombucha and started sharing with a couple friends, who told more friends, who told more get the picture!  So now we are launching this website and making some awesome kombucha.  ​

We make kombucha in small batches with the best possible ingredients, which include organic, local & fair trade!  We are just starting to offer our kombucha outside of our friends and family and are excited you found us.  We deliver every friday to Asheville and the immediate surrounding areas.  We are on tap at Carmel's Kitchen & Bar located in the Historic Grove Arcade and we are working on more locations as you read this! 

River of Life




Phenomenal Fungi


Phenomenal Fungi’s mission is to support better living through mushrooms, making health and wellbeing accessible to as many people as possible. We believe that mushrooms can help undo much of the damage done to our planet. We also believe they can undo some of the damage we've done to ourselves. Mushrooms are restorative and supportive and they taste pretty darn good too! We cultivate several species of mushrooms, including cordyceps, lion’s mane, oyster, and shiitake. We also produce double-extracted tinctures, made from cultivated or wild foraged fruit bodies, that maximize the delivery of the beneficial compounds found in mushrooms. Our mushrooms are organically produced, although not certified. We strive to use local waste streams, such as coffee grounds, wood shavings and other agricultural material. We are always researching new growing material and new ways to bring the benefits of mushrooms to the public.

Smiling Hara Hempe


We are Chad and Sarah, co-founders and co-owners of Smiling Hara, LLC. We live in the mountains of Western North Carolina, with our sons, Cypress and Atticus.  Smiling Hara proudly employs a hard working, wonderful team without whom none of what we do would be possible.  Smiling Hara pays and will always pay a livable wage to our employees, and is Living Wage Certified by Just Economics out of Western NC. We operate our small business in Barnardsville, NC where we make a fresh batch every week.  

Pure Fire


Founded in 2015, PURE FIRE FOODS makes Nourishing Fiery Foods™ that are inspired by ancient herbal remedies. Our Fire Tonic is handcrafted with a proprietary blend of organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices and mushrooms that come together to make a powerful tonic. Enjoyed daily, used in recipes or added to foods as a dressing or sauce, PURE FIRE™ Fire Tonic is a great way to nourish your immune system. It leaves you feeling energized and awakened naturally through the power of raw, organic ingredients.

Our unique blend was originally inspired by Rosemary Gladstar, the “Godmother of American Herbalism”, who like us, has a deep relationship with Mother Nature and aligns greatly with our approach of "food as medicine." 

Thank you for supporting us in our journey to revitalize and grow the connection of folk medicine in our world through our innovative and delicious recipes.

- David, Rachel and George